What's New
  • 11/29/2009 - Starting to setup the Read2Me project
  • 12/08/2008 - Adding some documentation and release first public xpi
  • Jan. 13 2008 - Added Flite component code and xpi to implement Flite built as a component
  • July 28 2009 - updating the flite component and adding pause and flite voice list features
  • December 31 2009 - Updating flite component to the flite-1.4-release
  • January 15 2010 - updating nsIFlite component with correct flite-1.4-release headers.


Read2Me is a content reader for Firefox and Thunderbird. Supported(tested) platforms are Linux with festival and MacOS using the Say command. This addon was originaly developed for Linspire. Really read2me should work on any platform and with any tts program that can be started from the commandline and takes an argument for the text file to use.

The Flite component adds a fast text to speech engine for Read2me. It only works on ff3.0.x or greater and only tested on linux, fedora 10 and 12. read2meFlite-1.7.2 supports voice switching, there are 4 voices embedded in the component - slt, awb, rms, kal. Also you can pause or stop speech, usefull when reading long texts.
To use flite in Read2Me, in the preferences dialog "Application to start" field enter Flite or in the OS Defaults tab check the Use Flite box. Flite component documentation

Therory of operation:

Use: After installation you will need to put the read2me button on the toolbar by right clicking on the toolbar and choosing 'Customize' from the popup menu and dragging the read2me button onto the toolbar.

Also you will need to specify the command line info for starting your TTS program, there are defaults for linux(fedora), Mac and Linspire in the read2me properties dialog under the OS Defaults tab. Linspire is currently the default setup so you will probably need to change it. You can also enter/edit the commandline parameters directly in the read2me preferences dialog. There are many 'hidden' preferences that you can set from the about:config interface, these are all prefixed 'speakit'.

FF3 generic:
Flite-1.6 version:
Flite-1.7 version:
Flite-1.7.2 version:

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